South Florida Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing Apr. 27-29 2018 Results Release

South Florida Ladies, Let's Go Fishing Apr. 27-29 2018 Results Release

New Anglers Learn then Catch Kingfish, Tuna and more at South FL Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing University April 27-29

Participants came from around the state to learn fishing skills at the “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” South Florida University April 27-29 in Pompano Beach, FL. Known as the “No-Yelling School of Fishing,” the event offered a networking party on Friday, classes and hands-on skills Saturday and optional charter fishing on Sunday. The event was held at Chaos Fishing.

Activities launched Friday evening with a networking party and appetizer contest, won by Gigi Ferrer, Miami, FL for Mini Cubanitos and Cuban appetizers. Second place went to Samantha Griffin, Boca Raton, FL for Meatballs in Mushroom Spinach Cream Sauce over Penne Pasta. Kathleen Risko, Lighthouse Point, FL took third place for Watermelon Shrimp Feta Salad.

On Saturday, presenters included Capt. Lee Lavery/Fishing Basics, Capt. Dennis Forgione/Offshore Fishing, Capt. Brian Leibowitz/Inshore Fishing and Betty Bauman/Conservation.

In the afternoon were one-on-one stations to practice, spin casting, net casting, knot tying, lure setups and ballyhoo rigging.

From charter boats on Sunday, participants caught or released king mackerel, tuna, grouper, amberjack and more.

Featured on national network television and more, the series is supported by major partners including Recreational Fishing and Boating Foundation, Take Me Fishing, Vamos a Pescar, Mercury, Ranger Boats, Penn, Magic Tilt trailers and Fish Florida. Annual sponsors are Freedom Boat Club, Treasure Cay Beach, Marina & Golf Resort, Sunrise Resort & Marina, AFTCO/Guy Harvey, Future Angler Foundation and Power-Pole. Local partners include Chaos Fishing, Lighthouse Wealth Planning of Raymond James, Raymond James, Free Spool Sport Fishing, Capt. Bouncer Smith, Fishing Headquarters, New Lattitude, Capt. Brian Leibowitz, HMY Yachts, Lady Pamela and more.

Other LLGF events include:

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  • June 22-23 Keys Fishing Learning on the Water
  • Oct.19-21 Keys Saltwater Weekend Seminar

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South Florida LLGF University Fishing Report, Sunday, April 29, 2018 half day:

With calm seas and sunny skies, participants caught/released king mackerel, blackfin tuna, amberjack, grouper and more.

Lady Pamela: By 9:30 am the ladies had caught six king fish total, using a Sea Witch with bonito strip on 80 lb. braid plus 80 feet of 60 lb. mono shock leader in a depth of 120 feet. The fish ranged from 4 to 10 lbs. Every lady caught fish. For Susan Scott it was the first kingfish she had ever caught. Diane McMahon caught a small blackfin tuna. The ladies also caught two bonito. Several ladies learned to hand line the fish, tie knots, use outriggers, make lures and troll with planers or top surface lures. Diane McMahon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL commented, “I learned more about offshore fishing on this charter than any boat I had ever fished on!”

Free Spool Sport Fishing/Capt. Dennis Forgione: Gigi Ferrer, Miami, FL caught a 40 lb.amberjack and Margie Plaxton, Canada caught a 30 lb. amberjack. The ladies also released a black grouper, caught a Spanish mackerel and two bonito. They learned how to locate fish by spotting frigate birds, use reels with multiple gears and more. The gals went trolling, then bottom fishing.

New Lattitude/Fishing Headquarters/Capt. Brian – The ladies caught four fish, including three blackfin tunas. They used stinger rigs with bonito chunks and a balloon for bottom fishing on a wreck. They also trolled the color changes with 6 lines out, flat lines, long lines and two lines with planers for deep trolling. A tired migratory warbler bird took refuge with the ladies, sitting on their arms. They said it was a memorable weekend experience and enjoyed making new friends.

Catch My Drift/Fishing Headquarters group boat: The ladies caught nine fish, including three sand perch, a red grouper, unicorn filefish, moray eel, squirrel fish, porgy and grunt. Amy Carassquillo, Parkland, FL brought her own equipment, using a chicken rig. All fish were released except for the unicorn filefish. They learned to keep their thumbs on the conventional reel.  They practiced tying loop knots, uni knots and how to hook up live baits at the tail under the scales. Their comment, “The friendly crew helped make the day enjoyable! We learned a lot about the many varieties of species of fish in the sea.”

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PHOTO CAPTIONS:  For downloadable high res photos and captions, use this link to  Ladies ID is left to right.

Free Spool two Amberjacks with six ladies:

Dennis Forgione Free Spool: Allison Brown, Miramar, FL; Margie Plaxton, Canada; Kathy Hill, Fort Myers, FL; Berit Aimlie, Orlando, FL; Gigi Ferrer, Miami, FL and Dawna Young, Fort Myers, FL. At Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing South Florida, April 29, 2018.

Lady Pamela 6 ladies w fish: Diane McMahon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL;  Laura Woodcock, Delray Beach, FL; Peggy Albert, Deerfield Beach, FL; Susan Scott, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Colleen DeGennaro, Pompano, FL. At Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing South Florida, April 29, 2018.

New Lattitude 2b: Mary Metcalf , Vivian Villanueva , Kathy Tylman and Cindy Smitherman, all from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. At Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing South Florida, April 29, 2018.

New Lattitude 3: Cindy Smitherman, Kathy Tylman, Vivian Villanueva and Mary Metcalf, all from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. At Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing South Florida, April 29, 2018.

Margie Plaxton Gigi Ferrer Amberjack: Margie Plaxton, Canada and Gigi Ferrer, Miami FL with a 30 and 40 lb. amberjack caught on Free Spool with Capt. Dennis Forgione. At Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing South Florida, April 29, 2018.

Gigi Ferrer: Gigi Ferrer, Miami, FL catches a 40 lb. amberjack caught on Free Spool with Capt. Dennis Forgione. At Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing South Florida, April 29, 2018.

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Comments from participants:

“A big THANK YOU for all the work you did for the weekend fishing seminar. It was a great success and I enjoyed meeting all the new people, learning and reinforcing my present fishing knowledge, plus bonding with other women interested in fishing and boating.  GREAT TIME ” K Tylman

“Learned more about offshore fishing on Lady Pamela than I ever learned on any charter boat!” D McMahon

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