Boat Descriptions

Fishing Adventure Boat Choices

Flats/Bay Fishing Boat
This is a smaller boat, possible 15 – 23 feet, that takes 2-4 people (depending on fishing location) fishing in shallow water either near a beach or in a bay for possible species such as redfish, snook, trout, tarpon or bonefish. It usually does not have a bathroom but can stop at islands or parks which have bathrooms. There are some locations which do not have this option. Check the boat choices on the registration form or call LLGF if you need more information.
Party Boat
This is normally a 40 – 50 passenger boat that goes drift fishing. If we do not fill this boat, there may be some public on it.
Open Fisherman
This is a center console boat that usually does not have a bathroom or much protection from the sun. The maximum people allowed is usually 4. The boat may go live baiting, trolling, bottom fishing or inshore fishing determined by the captain on the day of fishing. Average size can range from 17 – 32 feet. The captain is also the mate. As these boats can sometimes go quite fast, participants who choose this type of fishing should be physically ready to hold on!
This is a larger boat, usually 35 – 55 feet, that offers a bathroom (head) and a salon. There’s more protection from the weather on these boats, and the normal amount of anglers would be six per boat. Type of fishing, i.e. bottom fishing, trolling, live baiting, is the preference of captain on the day of fishing. Most boats will have a mate.