Class Level

Deciding Whether to sign up for Beginner or Advanced Instruction

The Saturday morning classes are divided into Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced. Here are some tips for deciding which class to take:

Beginner: This class usually starts with an hour on the basics of the rod and reel: Differences between conventional and spinning reels, how to hold them properly, what is pound test line, what is a drag system and how you use it to slow the fish and more. Then classes (in most areas, inshore, offshore and bottom fishing) are conducted at basic levels so participants can learn terminology, then learn technique. Even though you have fished several times, if someone else made the decisions about tackle and baited your hook, you may be in this category.

Intermediate/Advanced: This is for participants who are comfortable fishing on their own. The instructors will use terminology but will assume the class knows the definitions. The classes cover the same categories (inshore, offshore, bottom fishing) but concentrate on technique only.

How to decide: If you do not know the answers to these questions, we recommend you take the Beginner class:

What is a drag system is and how it works?
What is pound test and which pound test line do you use for various types of fishing?
Can you identify by sight: grouper, snook, sailfish, redfish, kingfish, trout?
Do you know the difference between inshore, offshore and bottom fishing styles i.e. rods used, line used, lures and bait used?
If you know the answers, you may wish to take the advanced level.

Even if you have fished often, if you do not know the answers to the questions you may wish to take the Beginner level. We offer the Intermediate/Advanced level so the speakers can proceed to techniques without having to take time to explain basic terms.

Once you register, we will send you a list of fishing terms for you to study.

You may be a beginner at some styles of fishing and intermediate/advanced in other styles. If so, you are welcome to change classes during the breaks if there is space available. The same goes for intermediate/advanced. If you take the intermediated/advanced level and feel lost, you are welcome to switch to beginner during breaks if there is space available. You can also change your selection by contacting us.

If you feel you are between the beginner and intermediate/advanced levels, read the fishing terms we send you. If you are already familiar with most of them, you may wish to take the advanced. If many of the terms are new to you, you might feel more comfortable taking the beginner.

Repeat attendees: If you have taken LLGF before and have fished several times on your own between classes, feel free to take the intermediate/advanced class. If you have not gone fishing much between classes, you may still wish to stay in the beginner level.

Remember, each class is different. Even the most skilled instructors learn new techniques from each other in the beginner class.

Fishing is a lifetime learning experience – there are several styles and techniques which can make your fishing experience more productive. We hope you will join us soon!