Bimini Guest info

Hi! We are looking forward to seeing you for the Bimini trip Sept.11-13! 20 cool people going! Yay!

Here is some information, please read through to the end.


Getting there:

RW Bimini Superfast Ship departs Port of Miami, TERMINAL H

Parking is available in Garage G ($15-$20/day)

Cruise departs Friday Sept. 11 at 7:00 p.m

Check in for All Guests Closes Promptly at 5:00 p.m so try to be there by 3:30 or 4. Checkin starts at 3:30.


Here are two sets of Directions, take your pick!

From the North: Take I-95 South and exit 3B-Bayside. Head south to NE 5th Street and make a left. Fifth Street will lead onto the Port Miami bridge. Continue over the bridge and follow signage to designated terminal.


From the South: Take I-95 North and exit at Northwest 2nd Street. Head straight to NW 5th Street and make a right. Fifth Street will lead onto the PortMiami bridge. Continue over the bridge and follow signage to designated terminal.



Take I-95 north or south to I-395. Follow the directional signs to the Biscayne

Boulevard exit. When you get the Biscayne Blvd., make a right. Go to 5th Street

which converts into Port Blvd. (Landmark: America Airlines Basketball Arena.) Make

a left and go over the Port bridge. Follow directional signs to designated terminal.



Take FL-836/Dolphin Expressway East. Stay straight and go through the tolls. Stay

straight to I-395 East. Follow the directional signs to the Biscayne Boulevard exit.

When you get the Biscayne Blvd., make a right. Go to 5th Street which converts

into Port Blvd. (Landmark: America Airlines Basketball Arena.) Make a left and

go over the Port bridge. Follow directional signs to designated terminal.

Look on left of the pdf for Blue square Garage G for parking

When you get to the port try to take the first left you can and wind around to the left so you are going back in the direction you came in. Garage G is all the way at the end. Terminal H is across from it. Leave enough time in case you get lost – you have to read and follow the signs to the port and there are a lot of signs to read. Once I check in I cannot come back to meet you all so just check in when you get there and meet us at 5 pm in the Paradise Lounge on the ship to get acquainted.


It is a good chance you will be upgraded to outside cabin with window (not guaranteed).


Tentative schedule


Friday: Board ship at Port of Miami 3:30pm or 4. CHECKIN CUTOFF TIME IS 5 PM. Ship departs at 7. Arrives in Bimini 9pm


Snacks/burgers etc. may be available. Pick up a newsletter at the concierge desk on the ship for updated information on ship activities.


5 pm Meet at Paradise Deck Lounge Deck 7 or 8 (please ask someone we have conflicting info) at the back of the ship – this is where we can get to know each other – you may want to pair up with someone else if you plan for a golf cart. Feel free to grab a drink and bring it with you.

5:40 pm approx: Mandatory Muster Drill (no drinks or cell phones allowed)

7 pm ship sails to Bimini – Meet for cocktails on top deck and toast farewell to Miami!

Dinner buffet or eat when you prefer, check their hours

Check for time: Ship meeting where they discuss things to do in Bimini, shore excursions, etc. usually in the Paradise Lounge. Try to eat dinner first, this is something you should attend.

Upon Bimini arrival Visit RW Casino and outdoor fire pit party or hang out on the ship. Be advised the tram takes those staying in the villa first and you may have to wait. You might not be leaving for the casino until 9:30 or 10 pm. If too late, you can go Saturday night.

11:15 pm Entertainment on the ship


Saturday: All day in Bimini, fishing and excursions

7- approx 10 am Breakfast on ship (those fishing be there at 7)

Lunch is not included, purchase on ship or eat in Bimini

Dinner on ship

9:15pm Show on ship

10:15 pm Karaoke on ship

11:15 pm Entertainment followed by dancing



Breakfast on ship, Dancercise, bingo and more activities

Note: Since they changed their schedule to depart at 5 pm, lunches are not included on Saturday or Sunday. You can buy lunch on the ship or eat at a restaurant. The good news is Dinner on Sunday is included!

12:30 pm depart for Shark Lab pls RSVP in advance – we may go somewhere for lunch first. Based on minimum of 6 people.

4 pm be back on the ship, it departs Bimini at 5 pm.

5:30 pm meet at Paradise Lounge to share photos

8pm Ship Returns to Miami. It can take a while to disembark and go through customs.


Notes: They will need a credit card for gratuity (not included in what you paid), drinks and incidentals.

They keep changing which meals are included and we will let you know if any change from above as we can.


Shark lab visit on Sunday – starts at 1:30 but we depart for it at 12:30 to take 2 taxis and a ferry to get there. Stay posted in case we leave even earlier to have lunch first, you will have to pay for lunch per person.

The shark lab does amazing things out of a rustic house on South Bimini (separate island). It is RUSTIC. We will wade out to a shark pen where they will hold up some juvenile lemon and nurse sharks and talk about them. It’s pretty interesting. There is only one time available based on low tide.

Depart approx 12:30 pm Sunday.

We have decided not to charge for this in advance.

Costs / $ to bring:

$4.00 pp ferry r/t $2 pp each way (a little tip is nice)

$10 pp taxi from ferry r/t $5 pp each way

$10 pp min donation to shark lab

$? In case we have lunch somewhere in Bimini

$? Transportation from ship to ferry dock, grab a taxi or take a golf cart ($75 – $95/day)

Cash only. US dollars fine. The taxis know where the shark lab and ferry dock is.

We will probably gather somewhere on the ship before departing for this.


You go to the south end to the Ferry Dock. Board the ferry to South Bimini, take a taxi to the shark lab (include waiting times for taxi/ferry.)

You can wade barefoot or wear crocs or wading shoes. Be prepared to get wet up to your waist. Bring hat and sunscreen and change of pants/bottom unless you want to airdry.

It’s ok if you want to leave earlier and take a taxi on south Bimini to see or have a drink or lunch at Bimini Sands or their restaurant on the water (different location) with beautiful view before the event. Allow extra time for waiting for a taxi if you do this.


Afterwards we have to beat feet to get back to the ship by 4 pm, those renting golf carts will have to return them and then will need transportation by tram or taxi back to the ship. If you walk back from the golf carts it’s about 10-15 minutes estimated.


Please email us asap if you are going on the shark lab trip and how many.

Fishing: Plan to get up early on Saturday for breakfast, buffet opens at 7 am, then we depart for the boats. There is water on the boat. We will announce about lunch or where to get snacks. They said you can keep your fish but must have in a ziplock or water tight container, bring a soft sided cooler and buy ice in the marina. Rain jacket, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, hat advised. You can get a box lunch from the ship if you let me know in a couple days. 1 sandwich with 1 banana or apple plus bottle of water for $8 p/p plus 18% service charge. I don’t know what kind of sandwich so whatever they prepare, you get. If you want I can pre pay it and you can pay me. If I don’t hear back in two days you are on your own for food on the boat and can purchase stuff from the marine store hopefully.


Packing: Don’t overpack. Wear your Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing shirt if you have it, especially on Friday so the others can recognize you before we meet. We sell them online plus an amazing Sun Out hat.

You don’t need business suits. It’s pretty casual so you don’t need anything fancy – some ladies dress for the casino on land but most are casual, ok to wear flip flops and t shirts. “Island casual.” Comfortable shoes for walking. Sunscreen. Hat. Camera. They said you can bring a fishing rod but the boat does provide them. Fins/masks are fine but the snorkel/dive trips have them. A light wrap or jacket to wear in air conditioning. A really light backpack or bag for taking things with you off the boat. If swimming in the resort’s pool they provide towels. Two way radios or hand held vhf (channel 68) for calling taxis. Bring a VisaMastercard in case places don’t accept Amex on the island.


The upper deck outside area can be windy so bring a hair tie or hat that won’t blow off.


Don’t bring:

No liquids, not even water. No alcohol. You can get water free and purchase drinks on the ship. Note if you are gambling it is possible they may serve free beer and wine but you have to ask. They scan everything you bring, we are not sure what they will take.

Their policy says no food, not even potato chips – If you want to bring dry snacks it is your risk they will take them.


See their policy:

Try to fit your stuff into a carryon and bring a personal bag. If your luggage is too big, even if you can wheel it, you will have to check it and pay $25. They don’t want people wheeling big bags around, just carry-ons only.


Meals: If you are upgrading to plated dinner at Ponce De Leon we recommend doing it on Saturday or Sunday as when we went, Friday was a nice meal. The buffet Saturday was BBQ. It may be $25 upgrade per person.

Check the ship newsletter for when meals are served. We are not setting specific times to eat. Just grab a seat and feel welcome to invite others to sit year you (some people are coming solo and would like the company). If you want to eat on the island for any meal you are free to go to a restaurant at your own expense. You might want to try the local conch!


What to do:

See our website for things to do during the day. At night I would recommend staying within the RW resort. Bimini is fairly safe but personally I would not go to the south end after dark. Be aware of where your personal valuables are, don’t leave them in a golf cart. There is no need to wear flashy jewelry. We are not sure if they rent bicycles but if you do, be careful of the cars and crazy people like us on golf carts. If snorkeling on your own it’s pretty rocky at the resort but there are other places you can go, with transportation. We have videos of cruising Bimini on the website.


Shopping: There is a small straw market in Alice Town, 4-5 shops, sometimes they have a DJ or band. There’s a bakery but ask first if you can bring back the delicious Bimini bread or conch. The free tram goes there on a schedule.


Deck plan:


If you miss the getting on the ship on time either way, we are not responsible. If you gave a wrong passport or birth date we are not responsible. This information is what we have been told so if it changes on the ship, we have done the best we can!


Cell phones: Your cell phone may not work in Bimini unless you have an international plan. Make sure you understand what it covers to prevent a huge surprise on your bill. If you opt for the wireless option onboard you can use Skype, Viber, etc. to stay in touch. You can purchase wireless for about $10/day. 2 way radios are helpful. We do not have a cell phone that works in the Bahamas at the current moment. Let us know if yours does as we do need to call the captains when we arrive.


Notes: The rooms are very small with twin bunks, interior, no window. You won’t be spending much time there anyway. There are a couple hanging lockers but not big enough for your luggage. No luggage racks. This is an inexpensive cruise so don’t expect the Norweigan. That being said, it is a fairly new ship and you get your money’s worth, the whole trip costs less $ than flying there. Meals are decent but not 5 star even if you upgrade to eat at Ponce de Leon.


Please bear with us as there are some details and times we will not know until we are on the ship. Look at our website again for approximate information of optional things to do in Bimini. Be patient, there are times where you have to wait to get off the ship or wait for the tram. This is an out island, pretty laid back when it comes to service in the Bahamas. If there is something you don’t like please keep positive and don’t let it ruin the trip for you or others. The motto is: Go with the flow! We are there to have FUN!


Most of us will be meeting new friends on the ship so please get to know each other! If you are coming with 2 people please consider inviting those coming solo to come with you for adventures. Pick a place where you can meet should you become separated.


For specific questions their customer service number is 888-930-8688 option 5 or for an answer within “24” hours. Any questions for us please ask now, not the day before the trip. If you have an emergency and cannot make it please call 954-475-9068. Even though there are no refunds, we will know what happened.


Get ready to chill it out in the Bahamas!

Best, Betty