Cuban Havana Varadero

Three Amazing Cites “Varadero, Matanzas &. Havana


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DURATION: 5 DAYS – 4 NIGHTS                  Two Choices DATES:  SEPTEMBER 14-18 2017

Fly in to Varadero, fly home from Havana Cuba.


  •  PRIVATE HOUSE: 1,220.00 IN SGL ROOM & 1,065.00 IN DBL ROOM
  • * Recommended: 4-STAR HOTELS IN VARADERO & Private house/apartment IN HAVANA: 1,515.00 IN SGL ROOM & 1,250.00 IN DBL ROOM
  • Please note the 4 and 5 Star hotels in Varadero include all your meals, drinks and entertainment. In Havana the 4 and 5 star hotels include only breakfast. Cuban Casa/homes include breakfast.
  • 4-STAR HOTELS in both cities: 1,765.00 IN SGL ROOM & 1,535.00 IN DBL ROOM
  • 5-STAR HOTELS in both cities: 1,915.00 IN SGL ROOM & 1,635.00 IN DBL ROOM

Or DATES Nov. 30-Dec. 4 Rates for these dates or in season below:


Come on these dates or select our own! Party of 2 minimum.

Ask the agent about customizing this trip to see more cities in Cuba, selecting your own dates and minimums. Excursions during High Season (Winter months approx. may be a bit more.) Ask the agent!

Why these trips are different:

  • You get picked up at the airport in an American Vintage Car like 1957 Chevy and take all your tours with the driver and an English-speaking guide
  • You are going in small groups versus a large group in a big tour bus
  • You will see the real Cuba and meet its lovely people
  • This is better than a cruise with limited time in Cuba and impersonal tours in big groups
  • Approved People to People Exchange program to comply with the embargo limitations
  • Personalized service


See Varadero, Matanzas and Havana!

Why Matanzas? Matanzas is the Cultural Cuba Capital, in the colonial time Matanzas was very import to the Cuba Economy, because in Matanzas produced the 70% of the sugar of cane. Matanzas had the more important Sugar Industrial Mills in Cuba and the Carribean Area. The economy & cultural develop was together, in Matanzas born “La Rumba Cubana” and the National Cuba Dance “El Danzon”. Also, many of the most important poets of Cuban were and are from Matanzas. For the cultural develop, from the 19th century Matanzas is named The Athens of Cuba. Mantanzas is between Varadero and Havana.

Why Havana? The Foundation New 7 Wonders reward Havana City one of the 7 wonders of the Modern World. Havana is Cuba’s Capital, it is only one in the world, amazing city loved & dreamed by many bohemian souls. The City of Havana was founded in 1514 by the conqueror Diego Velázquez de Cuellar, under the name of San Cristobal de La Habana. Due to its strategic location, Havana served as a springboard for the Spanish conquest of the continent, becoming a stopping point for the treasure-laden Spanish galleons on the crossing between the New World and the Old World. The sinking of the U.S. battleship Maine in Havana’s harbor in 1898 was the immediate cause of the Spanish–American War. Contemporary Havana can essentially be described as three cities in one: Old Havana, Vedado, and the newer suburban districts. The historic centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. The city is also noted for its history, culture, architecture and monuments is rich in history, with fascinating architecture and places to see. The vibrant streets are full of music, patio restaurants and souvenir shops with hand-made Cuban art and crafts. It is a Must-See

Why Varadero? Vardero is a beautiful beach community in Cuba, more modern. The beaches are white sand with turquoise waters. There is a little town with some night life and the 4 and 5 star hotels have entertainment you can enjoy without leaving the property, plus all inclusive restaurants and buffets. Varadero is a beautiful drive from Havana, with a stop on the way where you can drink from carved pineapples. It is on a narrow spit that juts out from the coast where there is water on both sides. It is a couple hours drive from Havana, with many beautiful views along the beach

Note: When staying in Cuban house or apartment, the money goes to the Cubans, not the government. Facilities like this are usually more reliable as far as plumbing, hot water and such than the hotels operated by the Government. Plus, you may interact with a Cuban family and learn more about Cuban life that is stalled in the 1950’s under a communist regime. In Havana, we are staying in an apartment house on a side street in Old Havana so you can walk a short distance to explore.

“Paladar” for meals is a Cuban-operated restaurant; not government operated such as in hotels.



  1. Land in Varadero Cuba and leave the airport by 12:30 PM (approximately)
  2. Meet your driver and guide in Varadero International Airport
  3. Go to the bank to exchange Money
  4. Departure to Varadero
  5. City tour through Varadero Beach
  6. Visit Varadero Street Market and enjoy all kind of hand-made products. The Cuban art is one of our pride.
  7. Check – in Sol Palmeras Hotel, All-Inclusive Resort
  8. All meals in the hotel
  9. Visit Cuevas de Ambrosio. This is a medium size and alive cave with more than 3 species of bats that cohabitate in the cave.
  10. Visit Mansion Xanadu or Dupont House. Know about Dupont, a wealthy American character back on 1900. Enjoy a drink in the Terraza – Bar and enjoy the view to the golf course and the Caribbean Sea.
  11. Visit the Havana Club Museum
  12. Visit Josone Park to know about Jose and Onelia’s love history while enjoy the beauty of the place.
  13. Return to the Hotel
  14. All meals in the hotel


  1. Breakfast and leave the hotel by 9:00 AM
  2. Discover Varadero, its history, traditions and the “Varaderences”
  3. Participation in the sports beach competitions with the cubans
  4. Lunch in the Hotel. All meals in the hotel. Time to enjoy the beach, too.
  5. Visit the fishing neighborhood
  6. Please not you may not have a driver and car for all this day but can also use a hop on hop off bus to visit the town of Varadero to see the artisans and craftsmanship


  1. Breakfast and leave the hotel by 9:00 AM
  2. Departure to Matanzas City “La Atenas de Cuba” or The Athens of Cuba
  3. Lunch in a local Paladar (Not included pay on your own)
  4. Sightseeing tour of Matanzas City. Matanzas is an important city in the history of Cuban Culture, in Matanzas born the famous Cuban Rumba, also “El Danson” National Cuban Dance born in this city. Matanza is the city of great Cuban poets.
  5. Visit to “Palacio de Junco” museum. This museum has many exclusive, the most important is the only mummy exhibited in Cuba, it’s a Cuban woman died in 1827 and since then is conserved as a mummy.
  6. Visit to French Pharmaceutical Museum (Only one in the world).
  7. Departure to Havana City. The capital of all Cubans. A city loved and dreamed by many peoples.
  8. Stop in “Mirador de Bacunayaña”, take a delicious “Piña Colada” enjoying the view of “El Valle del Yumurí”. This is one of the most beautiful valley in Cuba. Alejo Alexandrovich (1845-1894), prince and heir of the Russian throne visited “The Yumirí Valley” in March, 1872 and he said ” to be the earthly paradise only lacks the presence of Adam and Eve”
  9. Continue to Havana City.
  10. Visit the Havana’s Christ and the exhibition of “The Cuban Missile ” Missiles sent from Russia to Cuba to attack U.S. See the missiles and have an explanation, almost causing the third World War.
  11. City tour through Malecón Avenue, all along the coast side, Vedado neighborhood the newest part of the city with architecture before the 1960’s, big houses European style, see vintage cars and people, and US Embassy.
  12. Visit the National Hotel, its Museum Rooms/mobster photos, and drink a cocktail in its astonishing terrace. Built by the American Mafia confiscated during the revolution.
  13. Tour through the Central Park in front of the Havana Interesting small park.
  14. Visit the exterior area of the Havana Capitol modeled after the U.S. Capitol building; the only difference is one meter wider and higher.
  15. Time TBA Check in Private House or apartment
  16. 7:30 PM Dinner in a private Cuban house with a Cuban family. Dining table with just our group and the family. Chicken, pork, and picadillo will be set along with traditional Cuban food. Enjoy what they eat daily. Different than restaurants.
  17. Visit Inglaterra Hotel, old architecture with a terrace with cocktails, coffee, and music.
  18. Visit the famous and Hemingway’s favorite Floridita Bar, daiquiri´s birth place
  19. 10:00 PM Return to the accommodations. Optional: Step out on your own to walk Old Havana and hear the music.

4th Day HAVANA

  1. Breakfast and leave the private house by 9:00 AM
  2. Visit Cristopher Columbus Cemetery, National Monument of Cuba. It has a great number of sculptural and architectural works, reason why many specialists place it as second of world importance, preceded only by the one of Staglieno in Genoa, Italy.
  3. Visit Ernest Hemingway house in Finca Vigia, its books collection, fruit trees, beloved Pilar Yacht and panoramic view of Havana from one of the highest viewpoints.
  4. Panoramic tour though some popular Havana neighborhoods
  5. Visit the Presidential Palace, home of all Cubans President before Fidel, including Batista. On March 13, 1957, when a group of students from the University took up arms to take the power from Batista, Batista escaped through a secret back door to save his life.
  6. 12:30 PM Transfer to lunch in a local Paladar (Not included pay on your own)
  7. Visit Plaza San Francisco de Asís where kids came daily to feed the pigeons, where girls come for pictures to celebrate their 15th birthday (Cuban tradition). Tour through the 4 Squares.
  8. Visit the Garden of Maria Teresa of Calcutta, a short, green peace of paradise in Old Havana.
  9. Visit Palacio de Los Capitanes Generales, home of the former governors of San Cristobal de la Habana. Facing this palace, there is the only wooden street in Cuba, made with the purpose to avoid the noise made by the iron wheels of the carriages.
  10. Plaza de Armas with El Templete, place of the first mass and was founded the Villa de San Cristobal de la Havana back in 1519
  11. Shop for vintage books and magazines at Plaza de Armas
  12. Castillo de la Real Fuerza, a stone fortress that keeps the Giraldilla, a woman that is a symbol of Havana.
  13. 5:30 PM Return to Private Accommodations
  14. 6:45 PM Transfer to dinner in a Cuban Paladar (Not included pay on your own)
  15. 8:00 PM Transfer to Cannon Shot Ceremony, representing the time of the colony when they closed the door of the city to protect the city from the Spanish pirates.
  16. 9:30 PM Return to the accommodations. Optional: Step out on your own to walk Old Havana and hear the music.


  1. Breakfast and leave the house by 9:00 AM
  2. Walking tour to say “See you soon Cuba.” If time allows.
  3. Departure to the International airport return to Florid




  • Exact times and tours offered may vary depending on arrival times.
  • Please know that things could change with this itinerary, should that happen, if there extra cost you will be advised by the travel agent.
  • If you want to upgrade to fishing or snorkeling for a full or partial day, please contact the agent for the price and availability. For fishing you may be quoted the price of the entire fishing boat that may take four and base your decision on that. Individual rates may not be available for fishing but it may be possible for snorkeling. It will need to be reserved and paid far in advance, at least a month.
  • If you want to go out on your own versus Cuban Family dinner you can do so at your own expense, notify the tour guide early on, so the family knows how much food to prepare.
  • Please note this page is informational only. Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing does not charge a registration fee for Cuba trips, all funds go to the travel agent.
  • Contact the Travel Agent for Terms and Conditions.

How it works: You reserve with the agent and pay by check. The agent will provide forms for you to complete to obtain your affidavit and visa. The visa is sent to you.


  • Program certified under license people 2
  • Two nights in Sol Palmeras Hotel, all-inclusive hotel in Varadero
  • Two nights in Havana, Private House accommodations with breakfast included
  • One dinner with a Cuban Family, in Havana.
  • All ground transfers in comfortable air-conditioned classic car
  • Tours described as program
  • All entrance fees to sites and activities described
  • Professional bilingual tour guide, full time
  • Assistance by our staff 24 hours if you have a phone that works in Cuba or ask your driver or people in private house or hotel
  • Affidavit and Tourist Car


  • International ticket or others not described in the program
  • Additional meals in Paladar (Cuban restaurant) such as lunches, plus dinners in addition to the two Cuba Home dinners listed above.
  • Personal expenses like taxis to non-scheduled activities or laundry.