Fishing Fever Tournament rules

 Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing: Fishing Fever Tourney



Catch or release a fish. Fish both days to be eligible for the main tournament prizes. This is an Angler tournament, not a boat tournament, with casual rules designed for novices. There are prizes for the top fish, plus one catch ticket given per person for additional prize drawings. The main prizes are for those fishing both days, optional daily prizes may be offered.  So no matter what, you have a chance to win something!


Lines in/out: Leave anytime in safe light, Lines can be in the water not before 7 am. Lines out is 2:45 pm.

Return times Friday:

Return 3 pm: Charter boats from Whale Harbor return. Others from remote locations, have the captain weigh (offshore) or measure (inshore) your fish, indicate it on your Friday sheet all please turn it in at the Friday party at Elks, one sheet per boat listing all catches/releases per person. If you took photos from a digital camera (preferred) bring your chip Friday or Saturday for downloading.


Lines in/out:

Leave anytime in safe light, Lines can be in the water not before 7 am. Lines out is 1 pm at the latest.

Return Times Sunday Whale Harbor, Awards made there:

Return Sunday 1 to 1:30 pm: Charter boats back at Whale Harbor. As the charter return time is usually 1 pm, it is captain’s choice to return later at 1:30.  

2 pm Drive-ins only return deadline to Whale Harbor. For those fishing on their own boat, party boat or remote charter boat who are driving in their fish, to allow for drive time. Food/bev can be ordered at Wahoos.

Sunday Awards made at Whale Harbor Wahoos after all fish are tabulated. Stay, have a drink, watch the weigh in. There are no daily awards for Friday, Friday fish count towards Sunday awards.

Species/Weigh in:

Offshore Division (based on weight and/or releases):

  • Weigh in: All legal offshore fish, including pelagic and bottom fish, except for these exclusions for weigh in: No sharks, sailfish, marlin, tarpon or eels should be brought to weigh in. Swordfish are permitted to be weighed. Amberjack do not count for Heaviest Fish but do count for a catch ticket. We will weigh the two heaviest fish per boat.
  • Offshore Release: Billfish only, marlin, sailfish. Mate must touch the leader.
  • In the name of conservation, please weigh only fish that will be consumed or used for bait, for example, bonito to be used for strips.

Inshore Division (based on length to pinched tip of tail and/or releases):

  • Inshore: Measure fish from head to end of pinched tail, ok for fish kept or released. All fish count except for eels, sharks or stingrays. 
  • Inshore Release: Tarpon and/or bonefish
  • No tarpon, bonefish, eels or stingrays should be brought back to the dock. 

Both Divisions: Protected species should not be brought to the dock (sharks, stingrays, sailfish, tarpon, bonefish, etc.). In case of a multiples winner’s name will be drawn from all releases. 

  • Catch Ticket Drawing for those who caught or released fish – one catch ticket per person no matter how many fish caught or released, whether inshore or offshore. You do not have to weigh a fish to get a ticket. Fish releases count for a ticket for any fish except small bait fish. Tickets are based on the Score Sheet.
  • Fish releases, for ticket purposes only, may include billfish, shark, tarpon, barracuda, bonito, catfish, (everything except small bait fish).
  • Anglers may opt to fish one day offshore and one day inshore to qualify for either division.
  • Do not take sailfish, marlin or tarpon onto the boat for a release photo. It is illegal, anyone who posts such a photo on Social Media may hear from the FWC. 

 Simple Rules:

  • Drawing: Catch or release a fish to be eligible for prize drawing. Record it on your score sheet. For the drawings, each person gets 1 ticket no matter how many fish they caught or released. It is permitted to drive the fish to Whale Harbor.
  • In the name of education, it is allowed for the captain or mate to assist with hookup but a single angler must fight the fish and bring it to the boat. Pulled hooks do not count. Released fish must be under control at the moment of release.
  • All fish brought to weigh in must be of legal size.
  • Anglers may fish from the charter-supplied boats or on their own boats.
  • This is an Honor-Based Tournament intended for novice anglers, women and teens.
  • Captains to verify all catches or releases on the Score Form supplied.

Angler Prizes, presented upon return of boats at Whale Harbor:

  • Offshore Release – Highest number of billfish releases or drawing in case of a tie.
  • Inshore Release – Highest number of tarpon or bonefish releases or drawing if a tie.
  • Heaviest Fish Overall – Offshore
  • Longest Fish Overall – Inshore
  • Second place for the two above as determined by number of anglers.
  • Junior Angler – Top fish or catch/release Drawing, offshore or inshore
  • Drawings from all who caught or released fish
  • Group photo prize for all ladies holding their fish in one photo on the boat as you return, awarded to one person via drawing, others receive $20 off their next LLGF registration made within a year.
  • Numbers of prizes (rods, art prints, etc) based on number of entries, there will be some nice prizes plus optional daily prizes!
  • In case of a tie, winner’s name will be drawn.
  • Those on Sunday party boat/those with short drive time/time – should you arrive late after catch tickets all dispensed there may be limited catch tickets for pic-a-shirt. Also for those who wish to leave before the awards not contenders for top prizes.
  • While all anglers may not receive a prize, a good amount will, depending on participation.
  • Anglers must be present on Sunday to receive awards or designate someone to do so.
  • In case of the unexpected, Tournament Committee decision is final. Awards will be made depending on the number of participants.