LLGF Fishing Fever Tournament – Rules

LLGF Fishing Fever Tournament


This is a catch, photograph and land or release tournament.

Participants must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the State of Florida and possess proper licensure for fishing.

Participants are permitted to fish anywhere in the USA.

Participants are permitted to fish in any manner desired: paddle, boat, and shoreline. Fish must be caught with line and reel. No bait fish.

Participants can fish as many times as they want during the duration of the tournament.

Those on our email list can enter even if you have not attended LLGF.


Each division winner (Quarterly) will receive an honorary certificate – Bragging rights! See below for more!

  • Divisions:
    • Offshore Women
    • Junior Gal’s Offshore 
    • Inshore & Freshwater Women
    • Junior Gal’s Inshore & Freshwater
  • Starting in 2018 All Division winners will be entered into a quarterly drawing and one of the four division winners will receive either a piece of tackle or prize certificate worth approx. $100 (one in four chance to win!).


Total length is measured from the nose of the fish to the end of a pinched tail. If you don’t pinch the tail then the measurement will be to the end of the tail. Place your ruler on a flat surface behind/above the fish so we can see the measurement. For more information refer to the following FWC link: http://myfwc.com/fishing/freshwater/fishing-tips/measure/

Photos Required

  • One photo of the fish with measuring device.
  • One photo of the participant holding the fish.


  • A tie will be determined according to weighslip entry time, with the winner being the participant who submitted the earliest.
  • Judges reserve the right to remove a participant from the tournament.
  • The Judges’ final decision stands.