Fishing Industry Facts

Fishing Industry Facts

New Facts about Recreational Fishing, from the American Sportfishing Association (ASA)

Recreational fishing is the nation’s second most popular outdoor activity after jogging.

Nearly 1 in 7 Americans take to the water with rod and reel in hand each year.

Since 2011, freshwater fishing participation grew 11 percent and Great Lakes fishing grew 9.5 percent.

Spending for saltwater fishing ($14 billion) is more than twice what ($5.8 billion) Americans spent on services for their pets.

More Americans fish than play golf (23.8 million) and tennis (18.1 million) combined.

If sportfishing was its own corporation, it would rank #54 on the Fortune 500 List, ahead of Cisco Systems.

Over twice as many people fished in 2016 than attended every NFL game combined