Ft. Myers/Matlacha University Fishing Report – Half Day, Sunday, March 10, 2013

The fishing conditions were tough due to extremely low tides, a recent cold snap and wind changing from East/Northeast to Southeast. Even with the circumstances, ladies caught fish. One boat released 45 fish in only a half day. Ladies chose from guided kayak fishing, pontoon/deck boat or inshore/flats boat fishing.

Captain Jack’s Fishing Tours/Capt. Frank: Forty-five fish in total were released by six ladies, including 17 ladyfish, seven redfish and 17 spotted sea trout. There were multiple hookups of ladyfish. Mickey Maxam-Moore released a pompano. “We learned strategy – to move and try different setups of fishing,” said Val Maxam-Moore, St. Petersburg, FL.

Captain Jack’s Fishing Tours/Capt. Ray: The ladies released 12 spotted sea trout up to 12 inches, four snapper, two stingrays, eight catfish and two small redfish. “I learned how to hook live bait for the first time!” said Diane Fuller, Cape Coral, FL.

Captain Jack’s Fishing Tours: The ladies hooked into two spotted sea trout and a shark.


Capt. Brian David: All three ladies released a total of 23 spotted sea trout. Though many were keepers, they were all released. They also released 15 ladyfish. Paula Russell, Cape Coral, FL caught a 24-inch redfish. They learned fishing with live shrimp, casting in the wind and using poppers. The captain showed them how to use the lures in their goody bags provided by The Bait Box, Sanibel Island, FL. They were surrounded by dolphin and enjoyed seeing bald eagles, white pelicans and other beautiful birds.

Capt. Peggy Riley/Seafari: Using live shrimp and artificial lures, three of the ladies caught a total of seven spotted sea trout. They saw eagles, white pelicans, a manatee and a dolphin.

Capt. Ed Schanen, Nitro: The ladies got in a lot of casting practice, releasing a jack crevalle, puffer fish and multiple crabs.

Capt. Chris Stanford: The ladies released four sea trout up to 16 inches, five ladyfish and a jack crevalle. They learned how to retrieve tackle out of the mangroves and cast under windy conditions.

Josh Harvel Kayak Fishing: Despite the wind, Debbie Jaeger, Sanibel, FL released a spotted sea trout using a bobber with artifical DOA shrimp. The ladies enjoyed watching bird activity during the bite window as explained by Capt. Craig Timbes on Saturday during the class.

Gulf Coast Kayaks: Ten ladies went kayak fishing with Capt. Craig Timbes and Capt. Devin Parris, learning how to maneuver kayaks in windy conditions.

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