Great report from Mack’s Fish Camp Auction Winner! There’s one on the Ft. Myers/Matlacha auction!

Hi LLGF,  Just wanted to tell you about a trip we had with Marshall Jones out of Mack’s Fish Camp in the Everglades.  I bid and won that trip from you a short while ago and we fished with him on February 16th.  We got lucky and were able to fish on his airboat!  It was amazing!  Marshall is a true master of his domain and loves to fish.   We literally flew across the water and were in the middle of the “real” Florida.  Thousands of acres of grass, birds, gators, and of course fish.  Marshall took us to a canal that had fish galore!  It apparently does not get much pressure as we caught about 80 bass with a few brim mixed in the tally  in three hours between us.  They were jumping in the airboat………..almost stupid.
Marshall had all the answers to my questions about the ongoing restoration project in the Glades, the Indians, the wildlife, the peacock bass I love, and lots of other things I asked about.  He was a pleasure to fish with and we loved our day!! C. McClure

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