Hurricane Dorian Relief Options

Hurricane Dorian Relief Options

Our friends in the Bahamas need help. Hurricane Dorian caused incredible damage and suffering. Here are some orgs I am familiar with. There are many more, support for any can make a difference.

Treasure Cay Community Foundation

TCCF is an established US 501(C)(3) charitable organization and is approved to accept donations that are deductible for US taxpayers.

Checks made out to TCCF and designated “Hurricane Dorian relief” may be mailed to Tom Wheeler, PO Box 305, Mentor, OH 44060. Funds received will be acknowledged by email and deposited in TCCF’s account at PNC bank. A donation acknowledgement and receipt will come from TCCF via letter.

Go Fund me for TCCF

Dorian Yacht Chat and Bahamas Relief Group

Reliable and real. Collecting things now, transport by volunteer boats to Nassau, they have warehouse, sorting and distributing directly to the people in need asap. They have the equipment in place to do it.

Stop Off & Drop Off for Bahamas

They collect supplies and transport by volunteer boats.

My friend Barbara Evans organizes this. She has volunteered to help at many LLGF seminars.