Keys Fishing Info

Boat Procedure: Islamorada

  • Inshore/Flats Boats and Sportfishing Boats: Whale Harbor, MM 83.9 (Oceanside)
    • When you arrive at Whale Harbor, look for a sign on a bench that has your boat name. If you don’t see it check in with an LLGF committee member.
    • This sign will have all of the people on your boat listed. Please wait with your group.
    • When your group is totally complete and ready to go (every single member standing next to you) send one representative to tell a LLGF committee member.
    • We will then walk your completed group to your assigned boat when it is ready.
    • DO NOT BOARD THE BOAT WITHOUT AN LLGF MEMBER EVEN IF YOU SEE IT IN THE MARINA. You will be very unpopular if you do this and cause the boat to leave late.
    • Please plan to be at the docks 30 minutes before your departure time:
    • Sportfish: (some may leave at 6:30, exact times TBA at class or emailed before if possible ) Arrive 6:30, Departs 7:00am. Whale Harbor (For Caribsea arrive early as the boat is in a different location, you will need to drive there and return with your whole fish to Whale Harbor for photos. (7:00am to 1:00 or 1:30pm)
    • Inshore: Arrive 7am, Departs 7:30 some boats from Whale Harbor, some from Key Largo, some from Robbies Marina (7:30am to 1:30pm – exact times tba at class)
    • Party Boat: See their website, be there a half hour before departure, or 15 minutes at the latest.
    • If you change your mind last minute about fishing please call one of the above numbers as soon as you know, even if in the evening or early morning. You will not get a refund but we will know it’s ok for the boat to leave without you.
  • Party Boat Fishing: Capt Michael located at Robbie’s MM 77.5 Bayside
    • Party Boat ONLY Directions: Located at Lignum Vitae Bridge at the South end of Islamorada. They are Bay side, not Ocean side. Call them at 305-664-9814 if you get lost.
    • Please plan to be at the docks 30 minutes before your departure time.

Boat Bags:

  • Each boat will be given one bag which includes:
    • The Sign, surveys, and pens. During your fishing adventure, write notes about your trip (on the back of the surveys) include things that happened, size or weight of bigger fish, where you were fishing, who’s first fish ever, cute quotes, etc.
    • When arriving back at the docks, completely finish the surveys including the captain’s name, ladies last names and size and types of fish caught. This is important, as they will be used in our newsletter after the class. Hand in the survey when returning from fishing.

Name Tags:

  • You must wear name tags for your Sunday fishing adventure- it has your boat name and the TIME YOU SHOULD BE THERE. The Boat will leave on time – and will leave without you if you are not there! You will not receive a refund if you arrive late and miss the boat! No crying! Please return your name badge holders when you return – we recycle!

Fishing Licenses:

  • None required

Gratuity: Mates work for tips. Your gratuity is based on their efforts to catch fish, not the number of fish you catch. Give all the $ to one person to give to the captain. Amount of gratuity per angler is:

Party Boat – $10 -$15 person

Inshore/Flats: $25 -$35 person

Sportfishing: $35 – $50 person


  • Bring a digital camera (preferred) as we need to collect the best photos and videos for the media. If you must use your phone, please share any good shots on Instagram #ladiesletsgofishing or Facebook post on LadiesLetsGoFishing. If we all use Instagram you can immediately see what others are catching. How to do it:

Download Instagram App

Hit the star (Explore), Hit Search Users, Hit the Hashtags option

Put in #ladiesletsgofishing, hit it and you will see photos from the ladies. Once you are on that page hit the middle camera button and take the photo and post.

We are not experts at Instagram yet but it will be fun for you!

If you have a good shot on your phone, or video, please bring your cord with USB for us to download to the laptop when you return. If for some reason we can’t download your photos from your camera, email only the best shots to us IN THE HIGHEST RESOLUTION, NOT RESIZED TO Monday after the event for possible inclusion on the website or wrap up newsletter.

  • We love action shots of ladies fighting fish or holding their own fish that they intend to keep. Try to get great facial expressions! LLGF is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen camera or video equipment.
  • Do not remove fish you intend to release from the water. Safely lean over the side, keep the fish under control and release after the photo is taken.
  • We do not need group photos, shots of birds or sunsets. If a man is holding the fish, we cannot use the photo. Take photos without the mate or captain in the shot.
  • Upon return to the docks- if you bring back fish, stay in your boat with your fish until we take a photo. Do not disembark until photographer is there. Remember no captains/mates in the photos. Hold your own fish. To prevent shadows, we will ask you to take hats off.
  • We unfortunately do not have the time to take photos of your groups with your personal cameras. If you want a shot of your group, please ask someone other than our photographers. Thank you!

Keeping Your Catch:

  • Don’t keep fish that are too small and not worth filleting – Limit your take, don’t take your limit.
  • When filleting fish, do not throw ANY fish parts into the water at the marina. This can lower oxygen levels in the marina and kill fish. Dispose of all fish parts in containers as directed by the marina.
  • Bring your our own coolers, bags and ice and keep them in your car if you want to keep the legal size fish you catch. Share with others who don’t have fish. We do not fillet your fish – either learn and do it yourself or take it home whole. The mate on your boat will help you with this, but remember that gratuity is expected.
  • Please share your fish with the other ladies on your boat.

Protocol on Boat:

  • No Rod hogs – we don’t want one lady to catch all the fish. If you are catching a lot and others are not, give up a turn.
  • Skippers may be accustomed to serving – ask them if you want to try putting bait on a hook or tie knots, but be aware there are sometimes they are too busy to do this. If they are, observe what they are doing. If you’re not catching fish, use the time to ask questions. All of you will experience different things – some may get to go bait fishing, some bottom fishing and so on. There are many different styles of fishing and you may experience things on the boat that differ from things said in class.
  • Trolling – On Sportfishing boats, 6 ladies doesn’t mean 6 rods. Rods are set in the rod holders and you reel when the fish hits. Be careful when handling rods, they are expensive. There may be times you might be sitting when the fishing is slow, but it’s the best time to ask questions.
  • Remember safety when fishing – be aware of what’s behind you when you cast, watch where you are stepping.

Miscellaneous: Be friendly to everyone on the boat – this is your chance to make new friends!

  • No meals or beverages upon return. Bring what you will need.
  • If you decide NOT to go fishing call us BEFORE the boats leave. Don’t email us. Or Text Mary
  • If you bring alcohol please drink responsibly.
  • LLGF works very hard to only book, professional, woman-friendly captains. They are independent operators and are not representatives of LLGF. We do our best to pre-screen the captains; however we cannot be present on the boats to control their actions.