Ladies Battle Bass at LLGF Freshwater Seminar

Ladies Battle Bass at LLGF Freshwater Seminar

Ladies battled the bass at Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing freshwater fishing seminar, Feb. 10, 2018

Super weather, lots of learning, good fishing!

Ladies learned to release bass!

The ladies who attended Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing Freshwater Seminar were treated to a wealth of information on catching bass and freshwater species on Saturday Feb. 10 at Bass Pro Shops, Fort Myers, FL The morning topics included fishing tackle basics, conservation and dehooking conducted by LLGF Founder Betty Bauman. Capt. Mark King of Okeechobee took the stage, speaking on bass fishing techniques, showing how to rig several types of lures and how they work. The hands-on portion focused on knot tying for hooks and leaders.

After lunch the ladies walked to the lake to release bass, with shiners provided by Bass Pro shops. Kita Mason, Punta Gorda, FL, who had never held or cast a rod before, released the first bass on her first cast within the first two minutes of fishing.

Almost every lady released bass and many caught multiple bass. ME Sjolin of Port Charlotte, FL released nine bass.

Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing will return to Bass Pro Shops Fort Myers for a saltwater fishing seminar March 23-25, 2018 with a full day of seminars and hands-on practice on Saturday and a half day optional fishing trip via charter boats on Sunday.

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