Ladies Learned and Caught at “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” South Florida August 21-23, 2020

Ladies Learned and Caught at “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” South Florida August 21-23, 2020

Fort Lauderdale, FL – 8/2020 –

            Ladies tackled offshore fishing skills at the South Florida “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” University, August 21-23. Hosted by the nonprofit organization, the “No Yelling School of Fishing” offered a virtual classroom presentation, networking, skill practice and an optional charter fishing trip. Seminar replays are available for a donation of $30, where the viewer can see the speakers as well as valuable questions asked by the ladies.

            Activities launched Friday evening with a virtual meet-and-greet. On Saturday, Jeanne Towne presented Fishing Basics and Offshore Fishing Techniques. Betty Bauman presented information on conservation and fish release. Skill practice included knots and casting. On Sunday was an optional charter fishing trip for sailfish, mahi mahi, mackerel, tuna, wahoo, snapper and more, followed by a filet demonstration.

Featured on national network television and more, the series is supported by major partners including Recreational Fishing and Boating Foundation, Take Me Fishing, Vamos a Pescar, Mercury, Magic Tilt trailers, Penn, Scout Boats, Seven Seas Yacht Sales, Power-Pole and Fish Florida. Largest Annual Sponsors are Freedom Boat Club, Sunrise Resort & Marina, Future Angler Foundation, CCA Florida STAR, TACO Marine and Seaguar. Local sponsors included HMY Yacht Sales and more on the website.

Remaining 2020 LLGF events include:

Oct. 23-25 Keys Saltwater Weekend Seminar and optional fishing plus Fishing Fever competition, Islamorada, FL

Nov. 21-22 St. Augustine Surf Fishing Academy at Guy Harvey Resort

Fishing Reports, Sunday Aug. 23 half day fishing offshore, all boats out of Fishing Headquarters. With sporty seas, every participant had a chance to fight a fish. 

The ladies caught a total of 30 fish, of which 6 were released, including a 6-foot sailfish.

Big Game: Renee Kempf, Pompano Beach, FL started the action by releasing a 6 foot sailfish, her first ever. In addition, the ladies caught 7 bonito and released three barracudas.

Cob Too: The ladies caught a king mackerel and four bonito. They released two barracudas.

Reel Work: The ladies caught 7 bonito, a yellowtail snapper, three blue runners and an 8 lb. 27 inch mutton snapper.

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