LLGF Virtual Meetings

Sign up for our free virtual meeting! Win a pair of Costa or Smith sunglasses or a $100 certificate for Frogg Toggs, Yeti cooler & more! Next meeting Tuesday Sept. 28, 2021 . Raffle entries are eligible to win even if not attending!

LLGF is all about YOU! Free Happy Hour Meeting Tues. Sept. 28, 2021 5:30 pm join us from the comfort of your home and celebrate the holidays with the other gals, Meet the other ladies!
Let’s get together and talk person to person online!


Let’s talk fishing! Depending on their schedule we have asked captains to speak.

Stay connected with ladies from all over the world! We may have a fishing captain, too, depending on when they return from fishing. It’s like our own TV show with guest captains from around the state.

Sign up for the meeting or watch it Live on the Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing Facebook page.
Then we’ll draw the Raffle! items combined total more than to $600 you can buy tickets at $10 each now!

Minimum of 60 tickets need to be sold (to do Yetis, 100), if not we will still have your ticket entry and draw it live on FB when the goal is met.

HINT: Discount for multiple tickets, increasing your chances!

Sign up for the free meeting with Zoom HERE!

Raffle items for Raffle only click HERE FOR TICKETS! Winner does not need to be at the meeting to win.

FIRST PRIZE! Certificate for your choice of Costa Sunglasses including shipping!

Prize #2 Choice of Smith Optics Serpico Slim 2 or Lowdown Slim 2!

Smith Optics Lowdown Slim 2 Violet Chromapop Lens
Smith Optics Serpico 2 Gunmetal frame (note photo is gold but prize is gunmetal) gray/green Chromapop Lens

Prize #3

Frogg Toggs $100 in certificates, order your rain gear online!

Frogg Toggs, order what you want online!

Prize #4

YETI CHOICE OF Tundra 35 Hard Cooler or Hopper M30 Soft Cooler, shipped to you! Note 100 tickets minimum sold to give otherwise we re open raffle ticket sales to draw on Facebook later

Yeti Choices (color not guaranteed)

Get the raffle ticket in advance 3:30 pm day of meeting at the latest, the earlier the better! Raffle chances cannot be purchased during the meeting. Winner need not be at the meeting to win!

Meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 28 5:30-6:30 pm

The raffle is on the Tuesday meeting ($10/ticket, random drawing) . You can buy raffle tickets if not attending, winner does not need to be present to win. Raffle ticket sales are closed 2 hours before the event – Deadline to purchase is 3:30 pm Tues. the day of meeting.

Buy Raffle Chances whether or not you are attending the meeting (buy by 3:30 pm on Tues. of the meeting HERE!

Join us by phone, laptop or tablet. Limited participation – first come first served! Plus a chance to win! For only $10! or buy multiple tickets! Extra tickets added for those spending $40 and $50 or more.
Tuesday Topics: See above. Those who allow video can be seen and speak – if you don’t want it, no worries. Come as you are! Don’t worry about makeup or dress!We may go a little longer if people want to talk to each other.

New to Zoom? Need help? Using your phone to attend! Click here for a video on how to do it. It’s easy!

A few phone tips: It’s easier if you download the Zoom app first and click the “Join Meeting” link. Zoom is used by schools, it’s safe and they have fixed prior security questions. Once you sign up for the meeting, if you want to do the dial in and put in the meeting number and passcode they send you, that works, too. Write it down or copy/paste, email to yourself to make it easier to find. You can bypass if they ask for participant ID by putting in #. Make sure you allow audio when signing in. You can also allow video.

Click here for text info on how to join.