Looking for a Father’s Day Gift?

Looking for a Father's Day Gift?

Looking for a Father’s Day Gift?

Fathers Day is June 21, give him something to protect his skin from the sun and still look stylish!

Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing Dolphin/Tuna Buffs are Perfect for Guys and Gals! One week special only $16.00 includes FREE standard shipping! Get one for him and you! Your purchase helps support LLGF.

Order TODAY to have it in time for Father’s Day

Breathable polyester microfiber with UV protection!
Perfect for women – you can put it around your nose and it doesn’t fall off!
Buy two – one to put one over your face and the second one to put up over your visor/hat to keep the wind from blowing it off.
1 9″ wide circumference (9.5″ half) and 10″ deep (high) with stylish dolphin and tuna print
When ordering please indicate if it is a Father’s Day gift so we can get it in the mail right away! Standard shipping is regular U.S. Mail.

“I usually keep four of these on my boat – two for me and two for people who won’t bother with sunscreen! Plus it keeps my hat on so I can use both hands to hold on to the boat.” – Betty Bauman