Maryland Crab Cakes Recipe

Maryland Crab Cakes Recipe – courtesy of Southern Boating Magazine!

½ cup breadcrumbs (divide into two quarters)

½ Tbsp. Old Bay seasoning

¼ cup mayonnaise

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 lb. backfin crab meat

2-3 Tbsp. oil or butter

1 lemon, quartered

½ cup cocktail or tartar sauce

In a bowl, mix one quarter-cup of breadcrumbs, Old Bay, mayonnaise, and egg well. Pour in crab meat mixture and gently fold sauce and crab meat together, careful to not shred the crab meat and to ensure the ingredients are well-blended. Cover mixture and store in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes.

Portion cakes into 12 crab balls. Roll each ball in the remaining quarter-cup of breadcrumbs.

To cook, sauté on medium in a skillet with oil for 2-3 minutes per side or until crab cakes are golden brown. Serve with crackers, quartered lemon, and cocktail or tartar sauce.