Mrs. Garber loves how LLGF has changed her life, for the better!

On February 4, 2013 Chris Garber, a 60-year-young lady from Sarasota, FL (a returning LLGF enthusiast & now a fishing “afficionado”) called the LLGF office to sign up for yet another LLGF mini-event being held in Matlacha, FL on March 9-10, 2013. She told some amazing stories about how she began going to the LLGF camps and how unsure and intimidated she was before she attended as a beginner. As she continued to tell her “fishing stories” which were amazing and inspiring, she got more excited and enthused about the next LLGF event coming up. She told of how SHE now teaches her girlfriends how to fish and how much Betty and LLGF has changed her life for the better, FOREVER. She is now signed up as an “intermediate” guest and has gone out and joined a boat club where her and her husband can use the boats they choose to go fishing whenever they want. “The best part” she said was that  “I don’t even need my husband to go if he doesn’t want, I’ve gained enough experience, knowledge and confidence that I can do it all by myself without my husband’s help.” Her experience through LLGF and Betty’s continuing care and education for ladies to be self sufficient in fishing has branched out into all other aspects of her life.

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