New Anglers Become Winners at “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” Keys University Oct. 19-21, 2018

New Anglers Become Winners at "Ladies, Let's Go Fishing!" Keys University Oct. 19-21, 2018

More than 50 aspiring anglers came from as far away as California, Arizona and Virginia to learn from the pros at the award winning “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!®” Keys University, October 19-21 at the Elks Lodge, Tavernier, FL.

New for 2018 was the LLGF Fishing Fever tournament, with awards for those fishing both Friday and Sunday. Tournament winners were:

  • Top Offshore: Pat Kucera, Clearwater, FL 15.1 lb. blackfin tuna on Capt. Skip Bradeen’s Blue Chip Too
  • Top Offshore Release: Jennifer Sullivan, Naples, FL sailfish on Sea Horse with Capt. Rick Rodriguez
  • Top Inshore: Marguerite Veronesi, Clearwater, FL 31 inch snook on Capt. Chris Hanson’s Scales 2 Tales
  • Top Inshore Release: Vivian Morrison, Islamorada, FL 35 inch snook on Capt. Chris Hanson’s Scales 2 Tales
  • Inshore Release Honorable Mention: Robin Krueger, Parkland, FL 34 inch tarpon release on Capt. Andy Downs’ Florida Keys Fun Fishing

The University kicked off on Friday with a meet-and-greet social featuring networking, fundraisers and an incredible Master Chef Appetizer Contest. First Place went to Tamara Feliciano, Fort Lauderdale, FL for Stuffed Jalapenos.

Saturday’s events began with classroom presentations on offshore, bottom and inshore fishing, followed by lunch and hands-on fishing skills until 4 pm. Speakers were Stu Apte, Jeanne Towne, Captain Gary Ellis, Capt. Melinda Buckley, Twig Tolle and Captain Lee Lavery. Skills such as releasing, conservation, knot tying, bait rigging, spin, fly and net casting, gaffing grapefruits, trailer backing and more were available for hands-on practice.

Saturday events concluded with a silent auction, followed by a networking party with food and fun hosted by Seaside Glassworks, Islamorada, FL.

On Sunday, participants embarked on a fishing adventure out of Whale Harbor Marina, Islamorada, FL followed by a fish fillet demonstration. Fish caught or released included sailfish, mahi, blackfin tuna, yellowtail snapper, king mackerel, mutton snapper, snook, tarpon, black drum, mangrove snapper, sharks and more. On Friday was a Bonus Fishing Day.

Featured on national network television and more, the series is supported by major partners including Recreational Fishing and Boating Foundation, Take Me Fishing, Vamos a Pescar, Mercury, Magic Tilt trailers, Penn, Scout Boats, Seven Seas Yacht Sales, Power-Pole and Fish Florida. Largest Annual Sponsors are Freedom Boat Club, Treasure Cay Beach, Marina & Golf Resort, Sunrise Resort & Marina and Future Angler Foundation. Local sponsors were Breezy Palms, Seaside Glass Works, Dog House Sport Fishing Charters, Calusa Cast Nets and the Monroe County Tourist Development Council.

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Fishing Report – Islamorada, FL. Oct. 19 and 21, 2018

There was a mix of ladies fishing for their first time ever and others who had fished a few times before.

Friday Oct. 19 Full Day Fishing, Seas 3-6 ft. Winds ENE, no rain.


Dog House/Capt. Jesse Cromer: Vivian Morrison, Islamorada, FL caught a 10.12 lb. mahi. Jennifer Sullivan, Naples, FL caught a 3.1 lb. yellowtail snapper. Kelli Newman, Boca Raton, FL caught a blackin tuna at 5.14 lbs. The ladies also caught/released a rainbow runner, barracuda and several nice blackfin tuna that were lost to sharks.

Blue Chip Too/Capt. Skip Bradeen: The ladies caught nine mahi up to 8 lbs. Mona Wareing, St. Augustine, FL caught her first offshore fish ever, a mahi. Janet Steiner, St. Augustine, FL caught a blackfin tuna. Total number of fish caught/ released was 15, including the blackfin and some bonito.


Florida Keys Fun Fishing/Capt. Andy Downs: Capt. Andy took the ladies to Flamingo, where they had a stellar day of fishing. Robin Krueger, Parkland, FL released her first tarpon ever, 9 lbs. 32 inches. She also released her first snook ever at 32 inches. All ladies released snook. Total fish included the tarpon release, two trout, six snook up to 32 inches, a 13 inch cubera snapper, two jack crevalle up to 3 lb. 17 inches and three ladyfish, all released, using pin fish, lures and shrimp. They described the experience as ‘exhilarating and informative.’

Sunday Oct. 21, ¾ day fishing. Seas were 2-3 feet with winds ENE, no rain.


Blue Chip Too/Capt. Skip Bradeen: Pat Kucera, Clearwater, FL nailed Top Place Offshore in the LLGF Fishing Fever tournament for those fishing both days with a 15.1 lb. blackfin tuna. The ladies caught a total of 13 fish and released several more. Janet Steiner, St. Augustine, FL caught a 7.1 lb. mahi and the ladies caught a total of five mahi in the 6 lb. range.  Additionally they caught or released four blackfin tuna and a large bar jack. It was the first offshore fishing experience for Robin Krueger, Parkland, FL who caught a 5 lb. mahi and a small blackfin tuna. The mahi were caught in 300 ft. of water 8 miles out. The large tuna was caught at the edge of the reef in 200 ft. of water. All ladies learned to use sabiki rigs to catch bait and some had a chance to gaff and net fish. The day was full of exciting double and triple hookups.

Sea Horse/Capt. Rick Rodriguez: Berta Rosenberg, Gulfport, FL caught a 11.2 lb. blackfin tuna. Jennifer Sullivan, Naples, FL released a sailfish to clinch the Top Offshore Release award, a Penn Passion combo. They also caught two kingfish, another blackfin tuna and released two sharks. One of the ladies made a good attempt at casting a 12 foot net and all had a chance to catch bait with sabiki rigs. 

Caribsea/Capt. Kenny Spaulding: The ladies had a spectacular day, releasing five out of seven sailfish hookups while kite fishing with live pilchards. Some sailfish were released in 20-30 feet of water between Eagle wreck and in sight of Alligator light. Others were in 130 feet, 6 to 7 miles out. The sailfish ranged from 40 to 50 lbs. They also learned how to work kite reels to keep kites at the proper height. All ladies had a shot at sailfish. They lost a couple unidentified big fish to sharks.

Costa Morada/Capt. Joe: The anglers caught four small blackfin tuna and lost some tuna to the sharks. They learned about bait balls, tuna schools and proper hookset.

Capt. Scott Walker/Ringleader: The ladies caught or released ten sharks, four mutton snapper/largest 18 lbs., three tuna/largest 12 lbs., a king mackerel and remora at Long Reef.

Captain Michael party boat: The ladies had an amazing time and experienced chaos when a large bull shark tangled the lines. In total the group of eight anglers caught or released ten mangrove snappers, fifteen mutton snappers, pork fish, a black and a red grouper. They practiced tying knots and baiting hooks


Capt. Chris Hanson/Scales to Tales: All three ladies caught keeper snook. Vivian Morrison, Islamorada, FL released an oversized 35” 14.5 lb. snook. Margarita Veronesi, Clearwater, FL won Top Place Inshore with a 31 inch snook. In total, there were ten snook caught or released, a lemon shark released, a mangrove snapper and two jack crevalle, 10 inches and 18 inches using live bait. All fish were released except for three snook.

Photo Captions, ladies ID left to right (contact us if you need city/state of those in photos):

Click for high res photos.

Blue Chip Too Friday and Blue Chip Too all gals with fish at dock: Pat Kucera, Cindy Campbell, Janet Steiner, Mona Wareing, Berta Rosenberg.

Blue Chip Too Sunday all fish: Robin Krueger, Pat Kucera, Cindy Campbell, Janet Steiner, Meghan Brunelli and Lou Robbins.

Chris Hanson Sunday snook: Martuerita Veronesi, Anna Stamas, Vivian Morrison.

Costa Morada all fish: Andrea Beuter, Samantha Weber, Terry Dodd, Hillary Corrigan.

Dog House Friday: Vivian Morrison, Jennifer Sullivan, Kelli Newman.

Marguerita Veronesi 1st place snook Chris Hanson: Marguerita Veronesi catches first place snook with Capt. Chris Hanson, Scales 2 Tales.

Meghan Brunelli Snook Andy Downs: Megan Brunelli catches a snook with Capt. Andy Downs, Florida Keys Fun Fishing.

Pat Kucera 1st place tuna: Pat Kucera catches first place fish, a 15.1 lb. blackfin tuna on Capt. Skip Bradeen’s Blue Chip Too.

Robin Krueger Andy Downs Snook Release 7435: Robin Krueger releases her first snook ever with Capt. Chris Hanson, Scales 2 Tales.

Scott Walker all ladies from Tawnia 3 mb 2223: Daria Lenz, Barbie Fischer, Marilyn Walker, Tawnia Beckwith and Capt. Josh Ardis in the back.

Scott Walker Barbie Fischer snapper _2192: Barbie Fischer and her 18 lb. mutton snapper with Capt. Scott Walker.

Sea Horse Sunday All fish: Jennifer Sullivan, Amy Lombardo, Janet Johnson, Berta Rosenberg and Amy Lombardo

Sea Horse Jennifer Sullivan reviving sail: Jennifer Sullivan revives a sailfish on Sea Horse.

Scott Walker Tawnia Beckwith Tuna 2mb 2181: Tawnia Beckwith catches a blackfin tuna with Capt. Scott Walker.

About “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!”

The Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing Foundation (LLGF) is a national charitable 501C3 organization dedicated to attracting women and families to fishing while encouraging conservation and responsible angling. LLGF promotes networking among women anglers and emphasizes mentorships. Founded in 1997 by Betty Bauman, of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, LLGF has over 8,000 graduates and is the largest organization in the world whose objective is to introduce women to fishing. Both Bauman and the University series – often dubbed “The No-Yelling School of Fishing” – are known nationally in the sport fishing and marine industries. The organization has earned rave reviews from national media including “Inside Edition,” CBS’ “The Early Show,” NBC’s “Nightly News,” “Good Morning America,” “Outdoor Life Network,” USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Southern Living and more.