No Worries Cancellation Policy

No Worries Cancellation Policy – Only $35-$55 depending on which event!

Not sure about your plans? Cancel up to 30 days before the University you selected and receive your registration plus your fishing fees back, minus the policy fee and 3.5% merchant fee!

Cancel up to 15 days before the University and receive full refund of your registration. Refund of fishing fees will be made only if we can find a substitute but you will be first in line. If you do not accept, regular Cancellation Policy applies. This option must be added when registering – You cannot go back and add it after you register.

After the above dates expire there are no refunds. It does not cover those who decide a few days before that they can’t attend – your fees have already been spent to cover the costs of the event and fishing.

Valid for online purchases paid via credit card through Paypal Merchant account or those paid by check. The policy fee paid is not refunded, of course!

Be advised, cancellation of fishing affects the other ladies who have registered for fishing, so if you must cancel, please let us know as soon as you can.