Q/A for the LLGF auction resort stays

Q/A for the auction resort stays

We have received some calls about the resort stays on the auction. Here are more details.

Can I get the multiple rooms with just one bid?

Yes, you can use for one room/2 people or more but don’t have to use all rooms. All will need to pay the food/beverage/resort supplement and government fees/taxes per person as described on the certificate or check their websites for these amounts.

Which are adults-only?

All except for Panama and Antigua/St. James are Adults only.

Is transportation included?

No, airfare and ground transportation to/from resort is not included. If you need help with this the info is on your certificate.

Is the Panama resort Los Establos on the ocean?

No it is Boquete, in-land in the mountains, 16 acres in a lush coffee plantation area with views of the Baru Volcano. With the resort package each person gets one activity per day such as rum tasting, ziplining, river rafting, tours, hot springs, hikes, massage and more.

The other resorts are on the water usually beachfront.

Do I need to travel before Dec. 20, 2025?

No but you need to book your stay and airfare by then.

Are other things included in the per diem all inclusive fee needed to pay per person?

Usually things such as individual water sports, snorkeling/sailing on your own are included for the waterfront resorts. You need to check them individually. Some may offer Deep Sea fishing and tours to nearby locations at additional cost.

Is this a good deal?

We tested some of the resorts and with the certificate it was less than if you booked the stay without it. In some cases a few thou$ less. Plus you are helping LLGF with your bid.

Can I cancel my bid?

Yes you can if it’s before the auction closes. If you need our help don’t wait until last minute as once the auction closes it will charge your credit card. After that, it’s yours!

Is this a time share thing where I have to go to a meeting?


Can I stay for less than the nights offered?

We don’t think so.