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Major Sponsors

Our BIG sponsors are the best! They enable us to bring women into fishing with their support year after year. More to come!

                   Shearwater – A flair for building quality boats!

    • Penn – Major Sponsor!
  •  TACO Marine – Outriggers, mounts and boat accessories

Annual Sponsors

Our Annual Sponsors are the BEST! These are com-

panies who contribute to EVERY seminar all year!

Annual Patron Sponsors and valued contributors for ALL YEAR

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Click Here for our online Fishing Fever tournament (just launching) and prizes allocated.


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Our top donors (be advised this is updated from time to time)

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AO Coolers 

Fishing Headquarters


Engel Coolers


Lady Pamela Charters

Frigid Rigid 

Egret Baits/Vudu – life like lures, Shrimp, Shad, Mullet & more!

Danco Pliers! Super pliers, knives, great colors!


Gulf Coast Ft. Myers/ Sponsors

Click here to see the complete list of all our great sponsors, speakers & donors from Ft. Myers
Below are sponsors for Gulf Coast only, see Annual and Major for the other sponsor. With any reschedule the list will be uploaded closer to the new date.


June Keys

Screamin’ Reels Event

Click Here to see all the contributors!

Jeanne Towne, Fidelity Real Estate Group, accomplished speaker who can handle your real estate needs! 

Friends of LLGF:


The Shuman Foundation

Personal Contributors:

Help us out! Donate to our 501C3 Cause on our Home Page and add your name here! If you are leaving your legacy to a charity, consider us! We need your support for this program to continue!

Advertising and Services Partners

Jenny Wuenschel – Graphic Design  and or Scuba/snorkel Guide services

South Florida Sponsors

Below are sponsors for South Florida only, see Annual and Major for the other sponsor To see the list of everyone that contributed to the South Florida University (to be updated soon) please view here. With any reschedule the list will be uploaded closer to the new date.


Welcome Party and Food Sponsors

South Florida Patron Sponsors

Tampa Sponsors


Freedom Boat Club

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