STA Boat info and volunteer form

Thank you in advance for your information to be on our list of fishing boats or volunteers for Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing in St. Augustine Aug. 13-14!

The form below is for boat as well as general volunteer information. If you are a general or skill station volunteer only you can scroll down to that part only after you have put in your contact info.

At the Northeast FL Marlin Association Club House – Agenda follows, then you can input your information as to your boat, general volunteer or skill station volunteer (times on the form).

All boats must pick up and drop off at the Marlin Club 8am – 2 pm. LLGF is nonprofit and thanks you for your support!

Sat. Aug. 13:

8:30 am: Setup

Education Day Saturday Aug. 13: ($85 donation to register for classes, kickoff party and tournament)

12:30 – 1 pm Doors open, ladies pick up name tags, auction preview

1-2 pm: Intros, orientation, conservation, door prizes

2-3 pm: Speaker on Offshore Fishing

3-3:10: Break

3:10-4 pm: Speaker on Inshore Fishing

4 – 6 pm Skill practice –(looking for 2 speakers and 2-3 add’l skills people) 1 hour inside, 1 hour outside

Skills inside, arrive at 3:30 pm – we can provide equipment or they can bring:

  • Knots line to leader
  • Knots line to hook
  • Lure rigging
  • Dehooking

Skills outside: same people go outside for second hour or get new people:

  • Spin Casting
  • Net casting
  • Optional but nice:
  • Fly casting
  • Gaffing grapefruits
  • Possible trailer backing (on land only based on space)

Sat. Kickoff Party:

6-8:30 Kickoff party, raffle, auction. Appetizer contest, snacks, cash bar. Marlin Club members invited. Raffle and silent auction. ($35 if not registered for the class)

Sunday Fishing Day and “Anyone Can Win” Tournament Aug. 14

8 am – 2 pm: Fishing and “Anyone Can Win” Offshore/Inshore Tournament for participants on boats, departing from the Marlin Club. Award drawings made immediately upon return of all boats – return by 2 pm to be eligible and for photos of your fish. No food/beverage served, bring your own!

2:30 pm Prizes:

Based on number of participants – tackle/art, rod/reel or other prizes:

1 drawing from all who caught or released fish

1 drawing from all who caught fish over 20 lbs. returned to the dock

1 drawing from all who didn’t catch fish (hard luck)

Optional: drawing for boat trip donors if we have enough prizes, prize for heaviest fish overall

Possible side bet for perhaps heaviest fish with part of the $ going to the angler and part to the captain or owner.


Simple Rules: Catch or release a fish, be eligible for prize drawing. One person on boat records name, type of fish. Hard luck for those who didn’t catch. As the ladies are learning, we are doing drawings to prevent competition on the boat so all can fish as a team and have a chance to win.

Species: All legal inshore and offshore fish, including bottom fish, all longer than 6 inches. One person will complete the info with the approval of the captain.

Releases for sharks, stingrays, sailfish, marlin, tarpon, barracuda, bonito count.

Weigh in is for fish estimated at 20 lbs. and heavier only, must be legal fish.

Protected species should not be brought to the dock (sharks, stingrays, sailfish, tarpon, etc.).

In the name of education, it is allowed for the captain to assist with hookup but a single angler must fight the fish and bring it to the boat. Pulled hooks do not count. Released fish must be under control at the moment of release.

Conservation and proper release is to be observed.