Trailer Backing Tips

Great tips for backing up a trailer from Sea Tow!

Our additional tips:

1. Practice in a vacant lot before you try it at the ramp. Also practice how to hook up the trailer and unhook it.

2. Load up your boat at home, not at the launch ramp.

3. Don’t be ashamed to mention you are new at this and may take longer.

4. Keep smiling – it’s hard for someone to yell at someone who is smiling

5. If someone offers to help at the ramp, take the help! If you need help, ask for it, people would rather help than wait. Ask them or if you have a friend to direct you as you back and tell you when to stop.

6. Take a deep breath if you feel nervous and keep smiling!

7. Check the tides before you go – at low tides some ramps may be difficult to get to and the ramp can become slippery at low tide.

8. If it is low tide and your tires are slipping ask some big guys to stand on the front of your trailer or on your bumper for extra weight to grip into the ramp.

9. Engage the parking brake if you have to leave your vehicle while backing.

Special thanks to Magic Tilt Trailers for all their help at Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing for their trailer backing education!

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